Deck Yourself Up with an Elegant Wedding Shawl This Bridal Season

Wedding Shawl

Women have adorned pashmina since ages. The soft texture has won the heart of every sophisticated woman and has become an absolute wardrobe essential. With the changing trends in fashion every year, cashmere pashmina has never gone out of the industry.

Did you know, these lovely stoles can embellish your wedding dreams to a new level too?

An exquisite wedding shawl is sure to make your special day a glamorous one if styled with precision and care.

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6 Steps to Make Your Cashmere Shawl Outlive You

plain cashmere shawls

A cashmere shawl is one of the most treasured items in a women’s wardrobe. A shawl, known for their elegant texture and soft wool, are quite expensive and require proper care and nurture. Besides that, it is an ideal accessory that gives a woman an air of sophistication.

Also, taking good care of your shawl ensures that it stays in a usable condition. As these shawls are mostly hand woven, they are more resilient by nature, however, that does not mean that they can’t be subjected to wear and tear.

Well, don’t let that alarm you; there are solutions to everything. You can still maintain the glow and sheen of your expensive pashmina shawl with a few easy hacks and rules.

As you know, a shawl wrap consists of the finest quality cashmere wool and is a good investment. Hence, the last thing you want is to see it meeting its end. So, it is necessary to have a detailed awareness on how to preserve the material of your pashmina wrap shawl.

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A Guide to the Cashmere Pashmina – Make it last for Generations

Cashmere pashmina

Popular among Indians as pashmina, the west knows it as cashmere. It is by far one of the costliest possessions one can have and pass it down to generations. This piece of cashmere pashmina signifies luxury and richness and has been most worn by the elites around the world. However, thanks to the textile industry, they have introduced machine spun shawls which are very similar in texture and much cheaper in cost.

Why is it more popular than other fabrics?

Cashmere pashmina is hand woven for weeks in the remotest places of Kashmir and other regions in higher Himalayas and is exported to Europe and the USA in bulks. It has attracted the west because of its extremely delicate feel and incredible warmth that it imparts in the cold. However, getting to know if a given sample is an original one is a tough job. This confusion is justified even more since it is very costly and comes in different ranges. The price may start from 10 dollars but rise as high as 200-400 dollars.

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Some Traditionally Funky Styles to Don a Cashmere Pashmina!

Cashmere pashmina collection

Got hold of a new cashmere pashmina? The turquoise and peach colours must have fascinated you? After all, coming from Chyangra goats of the Himalayan belts, this ‘pashm’ or pashmina which is the base of cashmere is one of the softest heritage pieces that you can own for a lifetime.

Also, unlike other woollen shawls or scarfs that you may find on the go, these are extremely vibrant, and their style helps to hold up any apparel that you don this on.

So, this party how do you plan to wear your cashmere? If you are still into that boring zone of simply wrapping up around your shoulders, then it is time that you give it a break. Even if you are going the traditional format, do try something unique.

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